Under 3's

Under 3s

Activities in our Under 3s room follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and are delivered through planned purposeful play with a balance of adult-led and child initiated activities. We encourage children to be active and independent through following their interests and encouraging them to make appropriate choices. There is equal emphasis on indoor and outdoor learning.

When your child first comes to Treetops they will be given a Key Carer. This person will be your first point of contact should you want to pass on information or discuss anything about your child’s time in Under 3s. Our Early Years Manager is available to discuss matters relating to any individual child or indeed issues relating to the nursery, both on a formal and informal basis.

The main session of day begins at 9.00am. If your child attends the morning session please try to arrive by 9.00am as it will make for a much smoother start to the day for your child. Your child will have their own named coat peg. At the beginning of the session please help them to find their peg and hang their things up. Please bring them into the room where staff will greet you and your child and you can pass on any relevant information.

We do not encourage children to bring in toys from home as anything lost or broken causes considerable distress. From time to time your child may be asked to bring something in from home in relation to current themes and interests. If this is the case, please make sure that anything your child brings in is clearly labelled with their name.

Children in Under 3s spend lots of time outside every day whatever the weather. Please make sure your child has suitable clothes for outside play every day. Please also make sure all clothing, including shoes, are clearly labelled. In the cold weather, they will need a warm waterproof coat and hat. In sunny weather please make sure you apply sun cream to your child before they come in and provide them with a sun hat.

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, each child will have a Learning Journey which will record some of their significant learning while they are at Treetops. Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s Learning Journey and are welcome to look at them with their child’s Key Carer, or take them home to share with family. It is however important that the book is returned to Under 3s promptly so that staff are able to update it regularly.

Under 3s staff will encourage children to behave well and acceptably by giving positive examples and praise for appropriate behaviour. Good behaviour is praised and reinforced, unacceptable behaviour is dealt with in a consistent and positive way. If a child’s behaviour becomes consistently unacceptable this will always be discussed with parents.

Children of all cultures and backgrounds will be encouraged to share their beliefs and experiences, and all will be valued equally. This will include the sharing of festivals and celebrations, and an acceptance of the needs of each as individuals. Please let us know if there are any festivals or special occasions celebrated in your culture that your child will be taking part in and that you would like to see acknowledged and celebrated whilst he/she is in our Centre. Both sexes will be provided with equal opportunities throughout the curriculum, and there will be no stereotyping in the provision of activities.

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