Principal and Vice Principal
Mr Daniels Mr Wright
The Office
Mrs Crosby Mrs Mee
Our Reception Team
Miss Brown Miss Webb
Miss Payne Mrs Christopher
Miss Bingham Mrs Bailey
Our Year One and Two Team
Mrs Hardwick Mrs Dobbs
Mrs Neale Miss Eccles
Miss Bendall Mrs Whitehead
Miss Ind-Smth Mrs McNeaney
Our Year Three and Four Team
Miss Hackett Miss Sibert
Miss Tronier Mrs Mann
Mrs Prodger Mrs Watkins


Mrs Jones  
Our Year Five and Six Team
Mr Neale Miss Jones
Mrs Delmaine Mrs Elliott
Mrs Poltock Mrs Pekala
Mrs Mellerup  
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Milliner Mrs Roberts
Mrs Greenhill  
Caretaker and Cleaners
Mr Whitehead Mrs Smart
Mrs Rogers Mrs Hopkins
Mrs Jones