Wellbeing at Home

Always find time for the things that make you happy.


At a time where there is a lot of worry and concern about what is going on in the world, helping children (and adults) with their emotional wellbeing is absolutely crucial.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Hazel Harrison has put together five easy steps to promote children’s wellbeing:

Step 1 - Be yourself

Step 2 - Be Grateful

Step 3 - Be Mindful

Step 4 - Be Kind

Step 5 - Be Resilient

For more details on each step, please click the link below:


Click here for a leaflet with ideas on how to support your child's mental wellbeing. 


Click here to listen to a message from Canon Michael.

‘At the moment we have a bit more time in every day to be able to stop whatever we’re doing and just pause.  To become still.  I like to pause for a minute or two every day just to look around, perhaps outside at the world around me or indoors at the things around me in my home.  To see what I particularly notice or perhaps someone that I find myself thinking about.  Sometimes I might watch a bird pulling up a worm from the grass, or a cloud moving slowly in the sky, or I might find myself thinking about someone in my family, or a friend.  Then I think about how grateful I am for that thing or for that person and I say, either aloud or in my heart, ‘thank you’ to God.  Then I ‘press play’ and my day starts again.’ Canon Michael


Spiritual Resources

Here are some spiritual resources you can download and use at home.

Click here for activities about being a channel of God's peace.

Click here for activities about the gift of time. 



Having a sing and a dance always makes people feel better about their day. What better way to do this than with iSingPop? They have their own You Tube channel that can be accessed here 


The iSingPop team are also making weekly videos (released on Friday at 11:30). Each episode is full of energy, laughter and dancing. 


Web links suitable for all ages

The Listening Game


Go Noodle (Mindfulness and Videos for physical fitness)


Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel


Relaxation stories for children


Jump start Jonny


BBC The Growth and Mindset lesson



Other Activities

  • Kindness cards- Design cards with messages of kindness for friends.
  • Design a mandala pattern- think about your wishes and add them into the petals, then do some lovely colouring.
  • My perfect Day: What would your perfect day look like? Create a comic strip with all the things that would make it just perfect.
  • Mindfulness rainbow hunt- go into the garden and find something for each colour of the rainbow.
  • Play a board game.
  • Read a story to your brother or sister.
  • Build a bridge using only newspaper.
  • Design a new front cover for your favourite book.
  • Put on your favourite song and dance!
  • Look out the window and draw what you see.
  • Write a postcard to your teacher.
  • Do a job around the house to help your family.
  • Cook something for your family.
  • Make a big collage of lots of colourful and positive words and images. Find a pile of magazines and newspapers and cut out all the positive words and stick them on a piece of paper.
  • Write the word CALM as large as possible and add pictures of things that help you feel calm. Colour it in.
  • Rainbow walk looking for pictures of rainbows in windows completed by children.
  • Gentle Massage for family members.
  • Talk about the day.  What made you happy? What did you do that was ordinary? What did you find difficult?
  • Yoga session.
  • Hide and seek around the house/garden. Hide yourselves or hide an object from each other.
  • Listen to classical music together. 
  • Lie on your backs in the garden and watch the sky/listen to what you can hear.
  • Have a space in the house where you can go to have time alone.  If the door is closed allow the person to come out in their own time.
  • Write worries on an outline of a rucksack as they feel they are weighing them down. Now write worries on outlines of pictures of balloons so they can float away.
  • Write a diary.
  • Discuss as a family how they are feeling each day but drawing an emotion.
  • Painting a picture- draw something from the house or garden.  Adult do one alongside the child/ren too.
  • Make an origami fortune teller.
  • Play hangman.
  • Put 5 items on a tray with a towel over the top.  Take it in turns to take one item away and the other person guesses what has gone!
  • Do pictures/drawings/paintings of your friends and write words around to describe them.
  • Video call a friend or relative!
  • Do some cooking over video call with a friend!