As an Academy we are able to design our curriculum to best meet the learning needs of our pupils and to focus on areas of learning that we feel are particularly vital for the modern world. Our curriculum consists of many aspects:

Christian Values

Our Christian Values underpin how we work and play and we believe these to be central to making successful communities. We focus on our pupils developing an understanding of their role within their own community and how they can contribute beyond to British society and the world.

Life Questions

As a Church of England Academy we also believe in asking our pupils to think about the big questions in life. We do this through our Worship and RE lessons but we also create weekly sessions for Philosophy for Children. It is important to us that we develop a respect for ideas and provide opportunities for our children to grow spiritually and ethically within a supportive and respectful community.

Together Curriculum

We integrate the four key strands of Equality and Justice, Ethics and Environment, Spiritual and Moral and Keeping Safe, Keeping Healthy in all learning opportunities as well as specific weekly Together lessons. Our teams of staff and pupils work together to make a difference on a daily basis.

Creative Curriculum

At Dursley Church of England Primary Academy, we teach using a creative curriculum.  We believe that children learn best by being involved in their own learning and taking an element of control. Our creative curriculum is a knowledge and skills-based curriculum that provides opportunities for all subjects to be integrated, whilst maintaining coverage of the National Curriculum. 

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum please contact us through the Academy Office. Our Curriculum Leader is Mrs Hardwick and she would be happy to meet with you.