Our Creative Curriculum

Y1/2 Superheroes dress up day

Our creative curriculum is a knowledge and skills-based curriculum that provides opportunities for all subjects to be integrated, whilst maintaining coverage of the National Curriculum. Science, Geography and History are the curriculum drivers and each topic has one of these as a focus. All subjects taught focus on knowledge and skills content. Opportunities for links with Literacy and Maths are strategically planned during each topic.

Along with the curriculum subjects, each topic also links with our school values; Perseverance, Respect, Thankfulness, Friendship, Responsibility and Forgiveness, and our Together Curriculum strands:

  • Equality and Justice
  • Ethics and Environment
  • Spiritual and Moral
  • Keeping Safe, Keeping  Healthy

Every subject is covered every term, although not all subjects are taught at the same time e.g. Art and Design in Term 1 and Design and Technology in Term 2. Subjects are taught in blocks to fit in with the topic and to allow for in-depth teaching and learning (subjects are not allocated a specific time each week). For example knowledge maybe taught in History for a succession of lessons before a Design and Technology project relating to what has been learnt.

Trips and wow days are included in all topics to ignite and reinforce learning. 


Y5/6 Volcano Science and DT                 Reception Construction Area