Philosophy for Children

The Gruffalo Can Teach us About Life

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a powerful educational approach which has been found through research studies to have cognitive and social benefits for children and schools. It is centred on philosophical enquiry, where a trained teacher encourages children to think and reason as a group.Please click on the link below to find out more from sapere, the national charity that organises P4C within the UK.

Why do we do it at the Academy?

Children are constantly trying to make sense of the world, when do we give them the time to work it out? P4C gives them an opportunity to talk and listen to one another, to learn from one another and develop their own ideas and beliefs. The enquiries give a structured apporoach that encourages creative and critical thinking but also a realisation that its OK not to be sure and that we all feel like this sometimes. It is OK to disagree with our friends as long as this is done with care and respect.

Some examples of P4C equiries that have led atthe academy are:

What is more important to a poor person, food and water or love and family?

Is it OK to break into a grave?

Are we responsible for things we say using multi-media?

Is it ever alright to lie?