The Together Curriculum


As an Academy we are able to set our own curriculum. We follow the 2014 National Curriculum but in addition we have developed our own ‘Together Curriculum’.

What is this?

Together objectives are taken from four key strands:

  • Spiritual and Moral
  • Equality and Justice
  • Ethics and Environment
  • Keeping Safe, Keeping Healthy

The Curriculum enables us to prepare children for the many opportunities and challenges facing them in modern day society. It does this through a combination of:

  • Our Christian values that provide a basis for lifelong learning (perseverance, responsibility, thankfulness, forgiveness, respect, friendship).
  • The use of Philosophy for Children as an approach which develops a child’s ability to question assumptions and develop their own opinions through reasoned thinking and judgement.
  • Exploring and promoting British Values (Individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, the rule of law, democracy).
  • And learning how to keep ourselves both healthy and safe within modern Britain.

How does it work?

The four key strands are delivered through four different approaches:

  • Pathway One – linked with topic lesson objectives
  • Pathway Two – linked with national days or weeks
  • Pathway Three – as a separate lesson
  • Pathway Four – whole school enrichment weeks

Every class in the Academy has a weekly ‘Together Lesson’ focusing on one of the four key strands.

Please click on the link below to see at a glance how the Together Curricum works.

 Our Together Curriculum