At Dursley Academy we have adopted an approach to writing calledTalk for Writing,’ developed by Pie Corbett. We have adapted this process to suit our children. We follow a four step process:

Imitate – The children retell, investigate and evaluate a model text.

Innovate – The children write an adaptation of the model text.

Analyse – The children identify and practise language features inspired by the model text.

Invent – The children apply what they have learnt to writing their own imaginative version of the  text.

Throughout this process there is a focus on rehearsing sentences and paragraphs orally. The children are encouraged to share ideas and collect examples of effective writing from eachother as well as published materials.

Across the year the children have access to high-quality model texts from a variety of fiction and  non-fiction genres.

Excellent examples of children’s work are displayed around our academy.